Friday, 2 July 2010

Decision made..

I've made up my mind on the Clarisonic..

Its a big fat thumbs up!!

I purchased mine from Feel Unique.

After my last post in which I moaned about it and questioned whether I should stick it out, I decided that as I paid so much, and as there was a few other things left to try with it.. tweaking the times I used it, disinfecting it etc, I decided I'd give it more time.

Im sooooo glad I did!

I was using some sterilising fluid on it once a week, I also soaked it in TCP.. which left the brush head with a rather nasty yellow tinge(!), but it felt too much of a faff, so in the end I bought a cheap water spray bottle (49p in Home Bargains!) and I put some Dettol solution inside it (diluted of course, I don't fancy burning my face off!)..

So after each use I rinse off the brush and liberally spray the Dettol on it, I also like to take the extra step of giving it a quick wash before I use it in the evening, it really is a quick wash too as I feel the Dettol has done the work (but I like to be super cautious!).

I stopped using the Clarisonic twice a day too, I now just use it in the evening before bed.  I've kept the timing the same, it is still a 2 minute deep cleanse because I felt 1 minute just wasn't enough for the whole face.

So its either the Dettol'ing(!) or using it less often thats paid off.. or both!

I now go out without foundation, I am using Lancome Flash Bronzer, I apply this before bed.. I would perhaps apply it in the morning but I just hate the tint that it has, it seems to oxidize on me and so by Midday Im a proper Oompa Loompa!
So my make up consists of Rimmel Jet Black eyeliner, Rimmel Flash Mascara, Maybelline Pinky Beige lipstick and some Bourjois blush.. Thats it!  Theres no messing about with foundation anymore, and I like it!

I did feel a little self conscious at first, being seen without foundation in public hasn't happened since I was about 14, but now I dont think anything of it, infact Im quite proud of the fact Im able to do it!

I give the Clarisonic a 10/10, for me its been amazing and Im so glad I stuck out that yucky phase of extra spots (big, sore ones at that), because its been really worth it!  My pores are visibly reduced in size - something I didnt believe was possible, the lines around my mouth have lessened and my skin is much, much clearer and more clarified.  I haven't yet used the products that came with it, I read that a lot of people complained about spots after using the cleanser etc, and as Im happy with my Clearasil Im not too bothered about trying the samples.  I have used the body brush attachment that came with it, I found it was a really good exfoliator and did well at removing the nasty patches of St Moriz build-up!

Would I recommend it?  You bet!

 I know its not something you can just pop out and buy like you would a new lippy, but if you can save for it, or receive it as a generous present, then go for it, you wont regret it!  You do have to change the brush head every 3 months, so thats a further £20 ish every 3-4 months.. But in a way Im now saving money on foundation, Im not wasting money looking for the next H.G cleanser or toner, Im saving money on scrubs etc and I feel Im using less products to cleanse my skin (ie, a smaller pump of cleanser on the brush, less toner after, etc etc).. Next month I will have to replace the brush head, Im not sure whether to purchase the grey brush designed for spot prone skin, or just to go and repurchase the 'normal' one, theres some thinking to do there, but as for the £20, Im not at all bothered about that, I feel that its a small price to pay for my skin looking how I want it to!

My only worry.. is that it might break one day!!  I didnt use it for 3 days and I could really tell the difference in my skin, so I hope it will be kind and give me prior warning if it decides to break!!

If you do think you might purchase this I would recommend holding out for a discount code, or perhaps look around the websites near a Bank Holiday.. I purchased mine with a 15% off code that was emailed to me on the May Bank Holiday, you'll find lots of companies offering B.H discounts, so they could come in handy :)


Rachel said...

So glad this has worked so wonderfully for you! And really lovely to see you back! :D xx

Gayle is Volatile said...

Wow! This sounds amazing! I need my pores reduced to microscopic size too. The hot weather here in the tropics is torturing my skin : /

-Gayle from

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