Saturday, 8 May 2010

E.L.F Haul

Am I the only one who hates the word 'haul'!??  I just feel it sounds really greedy, like you've raided somewhere in a spending frenzy!??

..Yeah, it's probably just me!

Anyway, on Wednesday I placed my first order with E.L.F (thats 'Eyes Lips Face' for those of you who may live under a rock ;0p  !), up until this point I was an E.L.F virgin!

I don't know why I've never purchased anything from them, it could be in part to them being totally new to me.. You know how it is, when you're 13 you dabble a bit with some Rimmel makeup (my first ever Rimmel item was Heather Shimmer lipstick!  Does anyone remember that purple packaging with the little lever thing they used to have on the side!?    I digress!).. But you kinda grow up with those brands, you learn to know what works, but most importantly you get to try them out in the shops, and I don't believe theres anywhere in the UK where you can play with E.L.F and get to test it out first (feel free to correct me if Im wrong!).
I also think I made up my mind they were a bit too cheapy, not that I dislike cheap, I'm certainly no high-end girl.. but hearing the reviews on Youtube about all these $1 finds from Walmart, just kinda put me off!

But recently Ive been spotting posts in which their Studio Line Powder Brush was used, and all in all I don't think Ive read a bad word about that particular brush.  Then theres the dupes that people speak of, plus I'd also read Rachel's review of foundation primers at  , she said that the ELF primer was the best of the three she tested..  So in the end I decided to give ELF a try!

I purchased:
3 All Over Color Stick's in Pink Lemonade, Golden Peach and Spotlight (Spotlight is supposedly a dupe for Nars Multiple in Copacabana)
Mineral Lipstick - Runway Pink (a dupe for MAC Angel?)
From the Studio Collection:
Powder Brush
Warm Bronzer
High Definition Powder
Mineral Infused Face Primer
Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder  (a dupe for Nars Orgasm/Laguna?)

I can't comment re the dupe factor!  I don't own any of the others to make any real comparisons, but I'm sure with a bit of Googling you could find some swatches and make your own minds up :)

On first impressions I'm very pleased with every item, I'm also impressed at how they were packaged - all nice and neat within a small box, not bouncing around inside a huge wasteful box!  Lastly I'm pleased with the speed in which they were delivered too (less than 24 hours!).

They arrived Thursday morning (super fast delivery!), and last night I had a play with a few things.

Last night I had to go to a party (notice the word 'had' there!) so I used the primer, the HD powder, the contour blush & bronzer and the mineral lippy.

On first impressions I really like the primer, it made my skin feel silky smooth, but I do worry it might leave me with spots as it left a greasy fingerprint on my black Nars lid.  But this is one I'll be using for special occasions, not everyday use, so it should be ok.  What I also noticed is that my face looked a bit greasy 6 hours after application, which is sort of the norm for me, but I find when I use my Nars Sheer Glow on its own it doesnt look that way 6 hrs later, so Im assuming it was the primer..?  More testing me thinks.

The lipstick was a beautiful colour.  I cant carry off nude lipsticks so I found this to be a really pretty pale pink colour, I loved it and it lasted very well.

The contour blush and bronzer.. I liked the bronzer as a contour, I did find it a bit of a hastle to blend, but once Id done that I was v happy with the results... The blush, hmmmm, I'm not so sure.  I need a bit more of a play with it (With them all infact) to make a full informed decision!

The HD powder.. How silky soft is that!  It really gave my face a flawless look and I was very happy with it.

I was very happy with the brush too, so much so I'm going to look into buying some others.

And on a sort of side note, the Clarisonic + Elf primer + Nars sheer glow + Elf HD powder = An AMAZING flawless finish!!
I know thats a lot of product for a base, its certainly a far cry from what I use on a daily basis, but for a night out I'd def recommend giving them a whirl!

Do you have any of these products, which ones do you like?


Vivianna - Musings of self-confessed beauty addict... said...

Great Haul! It sucks that you can only buy elf online in the UK

girlinthecity said...

hey, nice post ... I haven't yet tried ELF but having read so much about it I might do a little shop post payday :)

and your nod back to rimmel's lever lippies made me smile, god that's taking me back! I'm not sure if it was the heather one, but there was a really dark black purple that was the 'must have' at the grand old age of like 14 or 15.

would love to see a swatch of the ELF lippie you bought!

missy_ellie_uk said...

Oh god, Heather Shimmer! That's taken me back! I remember that funny packaging too.

p.s. I also hate myself for using the word 'haul', but I'm struggling to think of alternatives!

Louisa said...

I really like the ELF studio "Complection perfection" I dont usually wear powder but on a night out I pop this in my bag and use it as kind of a blotting powder. It doesnt leave any cakey colour and slightly mattifies the area.
I'd reccomend trying the £1.50 lines eyeshadow brushes. There the all over colour (I think) and the blending brush which I love!

Rachel said...

Oooh! I love how exciting ELF orders are with all the lovely packaging. xx

Jo said...

Nice buys Darlin'

I love the ELF powder brush, use it daily, also the blending brush is a good un' too, use that quite often aswell.

Never tried the HD powder but I have heard good things about it.


Bailey Morrison said...

elf makes an HD powder?!?! i need to look into that. great post!

Nooberella said...

i love love love ELF, the HD powder is amazing =D
ive also got runway pink, but my fave is natural nymph with a lil liquid lipstick in baby lips =)

Small Town Gal said...

lol I had coffee shimmer as well as heather... oh my, pics of me at that age look awful, they were way too dark for my pale skin hehe.

I adore Elf's Hd powder, I can only usually on occasion though as I do have dry skin and sometimes it's too dry to use it :( I love the studio fan brush, and 'C' eyeshadow brush too. I find the powder brush a nightmare to clean!

I want one of the bronzers next I think :D

Djosell said...

You've been tagged/ awarded. PLease check my blog!!!

nicoletta said...

Ooh that looks like a lot of goodies to play with. I want to try the high definition powder. Congrats on your award. I am just starting out so reading everyone elses blogs is great fun please take a look if you get a chance xx

RaphaeliteGirl said...

Completely agree on the word haul - I hate it. It sounds greedy and gluttonous to me. "I've bought some make-up, stationery, clothes" What's wrong with that? "Haul" just sounds like pigs at the trough, I always think! :o)

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