Friday, 21 May 2010

Clarisonic, my thoughts..

Firstly Im sorry theres been a lack of posts and responses on your blogs, I'm just so busy with Jess that I'm finding it hard to find the time to keeping blogging.. But hopefully things will settle down (I'll keep my fingers firmly crossed on that one, especially as shes ripped my new dress this morning!  Not happy!)


Im pretty sure my Clarisonic Plus arrived on the 7th of May, so Ive been using it for 2weeks now.

The RRP for this is £175 (I used a Bank Holiday promo code and got mine cheaper), so its not something you buy on a whim.. Ive sold plenty on Ebay to pay for mine!!

When I first started using it I got the same glowing, clean, soft pretty skin that everyone else talks about.. I'd never seen my skin so fresh and glowy looking, and the pores, they were visibly reduced like many people reported too.  Winner!

You can  adjust the settings to suit you and you can also adjust the time from 60 seconds (Im sure they think '60 seconds' sounds quicker than '1 minute'!)  Have a quick look on the website here, to see what they say about it.
I use mine morning and night for 2 minutes at a time, I also use the brush head that came with it, I believe its for 'normal' skin.  There are brush heads for sensitive skin, and for spot prone skin.

What can I say..

So far, its that Im glad I didn't rush on here gushing about it and recommending everyone save up for one (like I was going to do!)!  Two weeks in my skin is still glowing.  HOWEVER, I now have the worst case of spots Ive had since I was a teenager!  And funnily enough now I know about it and have googled 'The Clarisonic made my skin worse' I'm not the only one!!
So many people have complained about it around the two week mark.  Several people have blamed it on the cleaners that come with, Ive not touched these.  I did switch to a Clean & Clear gel wash which is more gentle than my Clearasil Ultra as I found I didn't need such a harsh wash anymore as the Clarisonic was doing most of the work getting my pores clean.. But now Ive switched back, not only to be sure its the brush giving me these spots, but also because the Clearsil gets rid of my spots within 3 days, normally!  But not this time!  These spots are the really red, angry, under-the-skin sore types and theyre not in the places Id normally see spots, such as my cheeks and jawline (although they are there too!).  Just this morning Ive woken up with 3 angry red spots on my nose, last night there was 1, now its been joined by 2 friends all lining up towards the bridge of my nose.. and not just there but just under my eyes too.. who gets spots on the bridge of their nose and eyes!?  Theyre also right by my ears, theres a few on my forehead, on my cheeks.. just about everywhere you can think of, and I have one incredibly sore one brewing on my chin.
Ive been extra careful changing my towels and pillow cases etc, tying my hair back at night, not touching my face, cleaning my brushes etc..

So right now my skin is still glowy yet incredibly spotty, so I'm not happy!  Its not really about the money, I know I could get most of it back on Ebay, its more that I'm annoyed it doesn't seem to work for me, and because I know it does shrink my pores, it does leave my skin glowing, I feel even more gutted because Ive had a taster of how good my skin could look!

I guess I stick with it.. But how long do you give it before you call it a day, how bad does my skin have to get before I cant carry on!  Its already pretty sore, quite taut and dry from the spot creams and instead of having nice skin so I could go make up free, I'm having to wear a thicker foundation to cover things up!  Its just not good.

The only thing I can try now is using it once per day at night time to give my skin a rest, and perhaps try spritzing the brush head with Dettol to kill any germs that may be lurking on there..
Some people have complained about it smelling like an old damp towel.. Mine doesnt because I have been cleaning the brush head after use, but I guess it will inevitably be damp so its a possibility theres some germs on there..  We'll see!

I was going to post pics of how clean, fresh and glowing my skin looked, but I didn't take any pictures last week and my skin this week looks pretty different!  I'm too embarrassed to put any on now because it 's just too spotty and not very nice :(  Perhaps when I'm feeling braver I will.. And if the Clarisonic doesnt help in the long run I may just put some up anyway to give you an idea of what I'm dealing with after using it.. That way you can make up your own minds whether you want to risk it or not!

All in all, not happy and Im wondering if glowy skin is a good trade of for spotty skin!??


Rachel said...

Oh :( poor Nikki's skin! Maybe it'll settle down? And maybe switching to a really gentle cleanser to use with the clarisonic might help? It could be that together it's too harsh and your skin's fighting back? Just a thought!


Claire M said...

That'a terrible!! For that price and all the hype, expecations are understandably higher! :( Hope your skin improves. Must be so disappointing right now! >:(

Louisa said...

I've heard this story quite a few times now. Thats awful it didnt work for you. Maybe you could wean your skin into using it? Like using it once a week for a few weeks then gradually building it up.
Hope your having fun with your puppy, my friend said looking after a newborn baby is easier than looking after a puppy...

Louisa said...

Have you carried on with the clairsonic? Has it gone any better. How is Jess now? So many questions! haha.
I've nominated you for an award on my blog. Hope you get back to blogging soon :)

nicoletta said...

Hello you hope your skin is clearing up love i bet you are fed up after spending all that money. Just to let you know i've tagged you on my blog. XX

Clarisonic said...

Hi Nikki,
Sorry to hear you are having some breakouts with the Clarisonic. Just FYI, a purging period is normal within the first few weeks. I would suggest maybe toning down the usage to once a day or twice a day for only one minute at a time. Also the sensitive brush may be a good idea if your skin is feeling sore. If it continues after a month or so, contact our customer service team and they will be able to provide a solution that is more specific to your skin: +44(0)800.988.4864 or
Hope this helps and hope it's not too long before you get that glowy AND non-spotty skin!

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