Wednesday, 5 May 2010

L'Oreal True Match minerals. A (scary) before & after.

****Warning!  Contains scary photographs of naked skin and a zombified woman! ****

This was a last minute decision, I suddenly decided to show you a before and after of L'Oreal True Match Minerals this morning!

Currently I'm using this in W3.

Coming up is the (scary) before picture..  I'd only been awake for about 5 minutes!  I have no fake tan on my face at the moment and all I'd done was wash my face, then swiped over with my clearasil deep pore treatment pads, after that I applied some Panoxyl 5 (for my hormonal spots) and then concealed my under eye circles with Maybelline Mineral concealer in Natural (I know I still have a bit of a panda eye going on, but I'm too scared of that ASDA eye makeup remover and I dont have anymore yet!).

It was at this point I thought somehow it would be a good idea to take some photos!?

(Sorry for looking half asleep and dog rough!)

And this is after I'd applied the True Match.  I tend to be a lit lazy and use the brush provided instead of my kabuki brush.  I swirl the brush in some powder, tap off the excess then buff it on:

Its done a fair job on my uneven skintone I think (and those odd dark patches of skin around my eyes and forehead).  Like I've said before though I'm unhappy with how much it accentuates my pores (you can clearly see them on my cheeks especially).  But I think all in all it looks OK, I could've chosen something with a fuller coverage that works better with my pores, but as I just needed to be ready for the school run I didn't see the point.  You probably can't see but I have a few spots here and there (on my cheeks) - thanks to my monthly friend, and the True Match has covered them well without the need to conceal any further.

These pictures should prove useful when my Clarisonic arrives though.  At the moment my skin isn't in good condition.. I've always had very visible, open pores, but at the moment my skin has dry patches (from the clearasil and Panoxyl), and at the moment my skin is pretty hormonal..  So we shall see if theres any sort of improvement!

And thanks to my bright ideas of photographing myself that close up, Ive decided I feel quite old!!   I no longer have the skin of an 18 year old (funny that eh, considering I'm 30!?!).. but those lines on my forehead and the ones from nose to mouth.. Urgh, if I were rich Id probably be thinking about some botox round about now!!

I hope Ive not made anyone feel too ill!

Have a lovely day :)


Vivianna - Musings of self-confessed beauty addict... said...

You look great! The Minerals look like they do a fab job! I'm impressed :D

Nikki said...

@ Vivianna Yeah it did good (considering what it had to work with it did very well!! :0p )

Louisa said...

Its worked well around your jaw and cheeks. Your skin doesnt look too bad, I couldnt see any pores. It looks really good actually. I much prefer mineral makeup on easy days :)
I use panoxyl to control my oily tzone. It does an ok job for me but seems to make dry bits seem more obvious so extra exfoliation round there.

Nikki said...

@ Louisa, Im currently sporting some dry patches from the Panoxyl 10. Thats mainly around the top of my nose, my cheeks etc (Im not sure if the photo picked that up as Im avoiding looking at it tbh! lol). It seems I can only use it for a short period of time before my oils go into overdrive because of the cream drying out my skin.


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