Saturday, 1 May 2010

April favourites

In April I mainly rediscovered some old faves!

I know its a bit naughty of me to rave about things you cant buy in the shops anymore, but rest assured Ebay will come up trumps for the oldies but goodies!

I went back to minimal makeup towards the end of the month, I got so tired to trying out looks that just didnt really suit me, getting fed up and not enjoying wearing makeup.  So I figured why not try out what used to make me happy, and it worked!

Does anyone remember those Maybelline Lip Express pencils!?   They're a lipstick and liner in one, I used to buy them in Superdrug and they were fab!  I was gutted when they discontinued them, but luckily they've popped up over the years in the cheapy online makeup stores and also on Ebay.  I have several of them, a couple (mainly the nude ones) are pretty drying, but the one I keep repurchasing is 02 Keep Mauving.
I dont apply it like a lipstick, I dot it on my lips and blend it in with my finger to create a stain effect.  I love it!

In the centre of my lips I apply a shimmer gloss to make my lips appear fuller, my all time fave is Barry M 02, an iridescent  pale pink.

My favourite blush for April is Bourjois 95 Rose De Jaspe.  Ive tried a few blushers and bronzers recently, but I tend to keep coming back to this one, I just find it works well for me.

I also fancied a purple liner one day so I pulled out my old(ish) Loreal Colour Endure pencil in Wine.
I just love the colour of this, its a kind of plum purple with a slight metallic sheen.  I just really like how it looks next to green eyes, and somehow it makes my eyes appear whiter.. My one gripe with this though, it just doesnt last!  If I could find the same colour in gel form I would be one happy laydee!!

L'Oreal True Match Minerals.  I can go from loving this, to hating it, probably in the space of a week!  But when my skin is behaving (ie not acting like an oil slick!) I love this and Ive been using it a fair bit - L'Oreal True Match Minerals (powder), in W3 (at the moment!).  I know I'll moan about it one week and complain how it never stays on, but when my skin isn't so bad I will go back to it and love it once again!
I do love the coverage, its not powdery or chalky like the Maybelline ones, its a great match for my skin tone and it does give a nice glow/slight sheen to the skin.  But on the days where I have a bit too much oil, I hate it because it just doesnt stay put!!

Ive been loving my St Moriz too (I forgot to put it in the photograph!)!  Prior to this I was using Loreal Sublime Bronze, and that was ok, it gave a nice colour, but I found it was a bit smelly and at times it felt a little bit tacky after application, the St Moriz doesnt feel like that at all, it sinks in and feels like your skin normally would.
Im so happy I found this tanner, its a bargain, it applies really well with a mitt, it lasts well and I find I get the deepness in one application that I would previously have gotten with two to three with the Loreal one!  Having said that, I wouldnt recommend the spray version!  I dont know whether its me and Ive bought a dud, but I find I get a mist combined with big blobs splurting out too.  Im sure I will do a review on it soon, once I figure out the best way to work it!

And last but not least my Phyto products!  I ADORE these!
Im not going to lie and say I now have Jennifer Aniston hair, but Im so happy with the condition its in at the moment!  For me its the softest its been since I was about 15 and hadnt yet battered my hair with colourants!  15 years of colouring sure takes its toll, obviously it gets a cut(!!), but it never gets more than a few months break from colouring, and sadly, now Im old enough to start accepting/liking what Ive got, Ive now got no choice but to dye it.. thank you first grey hairs!  In my opinion the Phyto products are expensive, but I have a bathroom cabinet FULL of cr*p products that didnt live up to anything, so this for me is something Im happy to invest in :)

What are your faves from April?


Jo said...

Fab faves hunny. Im loving St.Moriz soooo much at the moment.


Louisa said...

I love the little bourjois blushes! Oddly, they smell really nice! Have you tried 85 "Sienne"? Its a gorgeous summery colour, it gives you a really lovley natural looking sunkissed effect.

Nikki said...

Thanks Jo :) Gotta love the cheapy tanner!!

@Louisa.. Oddly enough Sienne keeps popping up on Ebay when I look for Bourjois blushers, but Ive always been a bit put off by it for some unknown reason.. I look at it and think 'should I, shoulnd't I..' lol I might just give it a whirl now though, thanks :)

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