Tuesday, 4 May 2010

"Feel the burn"

You've heard of that saying, right?

Its probably all well and good saying it whilst you're busting your hump down the gym.. But saying it while you take off your eye makeup?  I don't think so!

I was trying out good old olive oil as an eye makeup remover, but sadly I don't have the patience of a saint!   I can't sit there whilst it dissolves the first layer, then go through a million pads whilst it takes the rest of my mascara off.  What can I say, I just don't like to faff around!

Whilst I was doing my weekly shop online I had a look at the makeup removers.  I spotted my old time favourite L'Oreal one, but as it had been put up in price I skipped it!  (I normally only pay £2 for this from Asda).  I also saw a Rimmel one, a Simple one and Asda's own brand.  Id not heard great things about Rimmels, so it was a close call between ASDA's own and the Simple!

On this occasion ASDA won me over with its £1.73 price tag!  Sometimes the cheapies come up trumps..

Dont let that cheap yet clinical white bottle deceive you, right there is a little bottle of battery acid! (alright, maybe not actual acid, but it might as well be the real deal on my skin!)

Yep people, that stuff BURNS!

OK, I wasn't left with 2nd degree burns, nothing even close, but my goodness it really was painful and it did leave the skin around my eyes red and sore!

My skin isn't what Id consider sensitive, my eye area wasn't dry and had no broken skin, and yet within seconds of sweeping the lotion over my eye it set of a big burning sensation!  That burning feeling lasted for ages until it dried.. I know, any normal person would have been running for the wash basin!  Maybe I'm a masochist, but I waited until it dried (all that was missing from the picture was a wooden stick between my teeth!)

Now Ive heard great things about ASDA's nail polishes, some of their makeup line and I myself am a fan of their clothes, but this products gets a huge thumbs down from me!


Rachel said...

Eeek, thanks for the warning Nikki, hope there's no lasting damage ;) xx

Nikki said...

@ Rachel, you're welcome :) No lasting damage.. maybe a spine tingle every now and then, but nothing serious! ;0P

missy_ellie_uk said...

Oh no, that's not what you want from an eye makeup remover! I find the No7 one quite gentle, its a bit more pricey but quite cheap if you have one of the £5 vouchers :D

I'll definitely avoid that Asda one!

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