Tuesday, 4 May 2010

So excited, I may just pee my pants!

I'm counting down the days for the delivery of this lil delight..

For those of you that dont know what it is, its the Clarisonic!  Oh yeah baby!!

Whoohoo, come on Mr Postie!!


Louisa said...

Ooh! You lucky thing. The coop doesnt pay me enough to afford one of these little beauties. You'l HAVE to do a review!

Beautyfiend said...

Golly gosh they are expensive!!! I'd love to know if it works as well as it claims to! x

Nikki said...

@ Louisa Don't tell anyone, but so far Ive cashed in two mobiles, sold 2 lots on Ebay and am working on the rest! (Eeeek) I was saving up but I got emailed a discount code so I couldn't pass it up. Yep, will definitely review it :)

@Beautyfiend.. I too hope it works as well as they claim!!


Louisa said...

I need to get started on ebay, I have looads of hardly worn clothes that could make me some money. I'm sure it'l be worth it in the end though for you :)

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