Friday, 30 April 2010

George ASDA & HQ Hair codes.

Why is it, that the day AFTER I placed orders with both companies I receive discount codes, its just typical!  Still, my loss can be someone elses gain!

A few places are offering free delivery or discount codes over the Bank Holiday, two of those companies are George at ASDA and HQ Hair.

George as ASDA are offering free delivery to your home for orders over £25.  That code is: 'bankhol'
Ends midnight 4.5.2010

HQ Hair are offering 15% off all orders.  That code is: HQHAPPY.
Ends midnight 4.5.2010

Oh, and don't forget your free Nails Inc polish with this months In Style (£3.60 for the magazine)!  I haven't got my hands on one yet, fingers crossed my local shop has one in stock (unlikely!!)


Louisa said...

Wherever I go to try and buy an instyle there never seems to be the nails inc polish on it :(
Do you know what colours they have this time?

Nikki said...

Hi :) Ive just picked one up!

Have a look at this and it will give you a better idea, rather than me trying to explain the colours etc!

I have Mink, its very pretty in the bottle, but on the nails its darker.. I wanted the lavender one but they had none :( Im not a red girl, so I skipped that shade, I think its a coral red but I didnt look properly!

Ms. Wedgie said...

Ooooh, thanks for that I was planning on ordering from HQ Hair this weekend! :)

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