Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Castor Oil and eyelash growth..

Experiment number 2 is underway!

I've read various posts and articles on Lilash, theres also photos (un-photoshopped!) to back up the fact it actually works (for the majority of people anyway).  But I for one don't have around £60 for a tube of eyelash growth stimulator!  I have to admit I've found some of the photos a bit disturbing too.. for some women the growth has been really, well, odd looking, it's looked like they have a mini head of hair growing..  For others the growth has been uneven and the lashes seemed to separate, but again, for others the growth has been pretty good IMO.

So, I'm trying out my own!

I was going to mix up a recipe of castor oil, aloe vera, almond oil and some petroleum free jelly (purely to thicken it to a gel), but I've decided to go with plain castor oil for 8 weeks and then see about adding further ingredients.

I've attached some (scary) pictures of how my eyelashes look now, the first 3 without mascara, the last 3 with.. and yes, Im aware I'm in need of buying a new mascara (the current one, Maybelline collosal doesn't seem to have lasted long at all, 3 weeks maybe!?).   You might want to skip the first 2 pictures if you're not a fan of blood-shot eyeballs!!

So there you are.  I'll update in about 2 months time, fingers crossed for a positive result, however small!


FrenchDreams said...

Oooh you have lovely eyelashes :) I'm very jealous! My eyelashes are tiny (I blame it on my genes :)).I shall have to try your little recipe and hope it'll work!

Nikki said...

@FrenchDreams Thank you :) Theyre ok I guess, I guess we all what something more sometimes! With my lashes theyre barely visible unless I wear mascara as they just seem to sit there, if they had some curl or length they'd be a bit more visible!
Im sure your lashes are lovely :) but if you give castor oil (or anything else) a go on your lashes let me know how you get on? :)

FrenchDreams said...

It seems that every girl hates their eyelashes! Mine are mid-ish length but there arent alot of them, very thin. I'm going to get some castor oil this weekend and start a new regime! ooh I shall definitely let you know :)

eyelashlover-brenda said...

Very nice blog. :) Just want to share. I've tried different ways to thicken my eyelashes and make it longer and fabulous. I've tried having eyelash extensions, putting false eyelashes and using mascara, but I felt unhappy with those products because it looks unnatural. I've tried eyelash growth products and definitely it's working. I love my eyelashes now. :)

Aliya of Eyelash Growth said...

Thin was a great post! Thanks for sharing this to us. Keep it up.

Ashley said...

Long eyelashes are a staple when it comes to the idea of beauty. Typically, a woman is considered beautiful if she has longer eyelashes.

Savannah Abare said...

It seems the castor oil really has worked wonders for your eyelashes. Im glad you found a natural eyelash product which really worked for you. Congrats.

Castor Oil For Eyelashes said...

There is no better eyelash product to use than castor oil. It really is the best natural eyelash growth oil around. Even better than olive oil or jojoba oil. I love it!

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