Thursday, 14 January 2010

Me and my skin

We're about to fall out!!

I wear the same thing virtually everyday.   I wear some Panoxyl 5 as a barrier (I used to buy Clinique's proper version of a barrier, but it was just too expensive), then I apply a small amount of Boots No7 Matte Base and a light dusting of my L'oreal True Match Minerals.. (I apply this about 8am)

Then comes 11am my face is really shiny, my pores look super big (I can literally see them in a mirror even from a distance), and on my chin esp it's like my foundation is sitting on top of my skin in a weird way, like its on a layer of oil, which is what it really is I guess!  On my chin it is especially horrible, the oil seems to soak into the foundation leaving little dots that only enhance my pores.

Now I love True Match Minerals, my problem doesn't lay with that (at least I don't think it does) as its the same with me with every single foundation, the only one that I've found in all these years that actually stayed put was Studio Fix.  That stuff was amazing, on a hot Summers day I applied it mid morning and I didnt touch it all day long, it still looked perfect in the evening and on the whole made my skin look amazing.. 2 days later then came the spots.. then the bin!
I have Studio Fix powder, but that doesn't really compare with the fluid version, not on me anyway.

And Revlon Colourstay just looks chalky on me as their colours aren't yellow based enough for me.

I really don't want to go back to liquid foundation as I love the feeling of my skin being able to breathe with the mineral powder and on the whole I prefer the look of it..  But I'm wondering if I have to compromise on staying power?
The solution could be with a higher end mineral make up, maybe the Origins Multigrain one is the way to go but I don't know if it will be any better with a different brand, and sadly at the moment I just don't have the money, maybe next month.

I can't believe Im actually going to try this, but Ive read lots of reviews on Makeup Alley and I watched a vid on Youtube today (Sorry, I forget who from) about MoM.  Apparently this is a great primer for those of us with oily skins!  Yeah, that stuff you take for an upset stomach, well its supposed to be great at keeping oil at bay!  Fingers crossed it doesn't give me spots (which is what normally happens with me, and has been reported in some of the reviews).
We shall see!  I'll post an update on that one shortly!

The skin around my eyes, thats a completely different story!  It's pretty dry, my first wrinkles are making their appearance and my dark circles are ever present as always!

Around my eyes Ive been using a Garnier Vita Lift cream, I started playing about with an Oilatum cream, something richer really, I did this after reading about eye creams being virtually no different to a usual face cream, apparently anything that your face could tolerate would be alright for around the eyes too..  I'm fine with the Oilatum, it doesn't irritate at all, its a hell of a lot cheaper for one, it does hydrate a bit but has no effect on the dark circles or wrinkles.. So then I swayed back to the Garnier in order to use the last of it up, then I realised my skin did look softer, but for me it still doesn't cut it on hydration, I need something even more moisturizing.

As a concealer I started using Benefit Bo-ing last year, that was a great find as it really did cover my dark circles, but lately my opinion has changed.  I find that again, by 11am my eyes look dry, the concealer has settled into the wrinkles under my eyes and in the crease of my lid..  Not a good look so I think the Bo-ing for around the eyes is a definate no no from now on!

I wish I knew what to try next!

So come on skin, sort it out otherwise I'll have to have words!


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