Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Don't you hate it when..

You get a reaction to something but you don't know what!

I have a big, angry, sore, glowing spot on my cheek.  Its not that far from my eye area, so it could be:

The olive oil I used to take off my eye make up 2 nights ago.  This was the first time I'd used this.  My L'oreal eye makeup remover was coming to an end so I gave the olive oil a go.  I figured if it worked well it would save me a little on remover, but mainly I wanted to use it for its conditioning benefits, esp as Im trying out the castor oil on my lashes.

As you may know this last week (ish) I've been giving the witch hazel a go instead of my usual toner.  Again, Id heard good things, it would save me money and I thought it would be better for my skin etc.  So far the results are good, esp as far as oil reduction anyway.

At the weekend I gave Maybelline mineral (liquid) a go.  I wanted to see how my skin was in comparison to the Loreal True Match Minerals.. was it still less oily, did the result last etc..

So it could be any of the above!  I've made several changes to my routine so it could be any of those.  It could also be the castor oil Ive been using on my lashes, I know a few times Ive rubbed my eye so maybe I rubbed it on my face in the process!


And Ive not had a massive spot like this for about 10 years!!  Maybe you can see it from where you are!


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