Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Favorites of 2009!

Okay, so I may be a bit behind with this one as we're already well into January, but hey-ho!

In 2009 I discovered mineral make-up.. and I loved it!

I've spent quite a few lonely hours watching QVC, be it when I couldn't sleep, when my fiance was getting dirty in his garage, or just out of sheer desperation(!), so I've caught a few demos of the Bare Mineral makeup.  I admit they did sell it to me (but then they could probably sell ice to an eskimo) but the thing that always put me off was the price, it just seemed like far too much money for a foundation.
Then I stumbled upon the Maybelline mineral powder around the end of the Summer, I tried that one and I really enjoyed wearing it but I struggled to find a colour that matched well, Ive bought 3 colours (one of which being fine when I have a tan) but I find they can look a little ashy and not yellow toned enough..  So on I went in my quest and purchased the Loreal True Minerals and fell in love!  I actually have that in W5 (which I used during the Summer), W1 for Winter and W3 for inbetween!  My only gripe is that W1 isnt quite light enough, and if you're porcelain you can just forget it!
I also have Revlon Mineral foundation, but the jury is still out on that one.. Just don't get me started on the really poor packaging and that sad sorry looking brush!!
Mineral make up rules for me, I just find its a lighter more natural coverage but best of all it doesn't make me really spotty like with other liquid foundations.
..I do admit that Im lusting after the Origins Multigrain though, maybe one day!

Another love is the Clearasil Ultra range.

Ive never had nice skin, don't get me wrong it still leaves a lot to be desired (esp my pores, you could probably park a HGV in those!), but since I've been using this range my skin is just so much clearer and nicer in general.  I've had oily/spot prone skin since I was about 13 but luckily thats changed now, so Clearasil is a big winner for me!
I use the gel wash, the toner, sometimes the pads when Im feeling to lazy to moisten cotton wool (yes, I am that lazy), and the treatment cream when my skin is feeling hormonal!

I also rediscovered lipsticks!
Maybelline's Nude range mostly.. I've seen lots of nude lips and they always look lovely, Laura sports this look really well, but on me its just yucky!  Ive even gave Barry M's Marshmellow and Lavender a try after seeing so many people rave about them.. boy was that a disaster!  I just dont carry off that look at all well.. But bring on Maybelline's Pinky Beige and its a different story!  Ok, so it may not be a true nude, but for me its a very wearable nude that does suit (and I think it would suit most people), so yey for Maybelline and making it possible for me to get somewhere close to a nude-y lip!

L'oreal excell 10 is also a winner!  Sadly Im going pretty grey (I'm 30 this year eekkk), but this dye actually does cover greys unlike the rest that claim to but dont actually live up!   I will agree with others that it does come out much darker than the guides or what could initially be expected, so def go a shade lighter with this one.

Tresseme 24HR body range was also a winner with me.  I bought their huge bottle and I still have over half left, its probably lasted about 6 months so far?  I just find the shampoo and conditioner really good for giving volume and body, the only downside is that I tend to have to switch it up with something richer/more conditioning as it can be slightly drying with my hair.

One of the best discoveries has to be St Moriz!
I LOVE this stuff!  I used to buy St Tropez when I worked in a dept store and could get discount, I found that was the only way I could justify it (at the time I hadn't discovered the mousse, so I was going through the original version like no tomorrow!).  I love the colour St Tropez gives as it is a more true brown tan, not at all Oompa Loompa-ry!  St Moriz is a really, really good dupe though and at £2.99 who can complain!!  I hope this stuff sticks around forever!

Im sure theres more, but I'll leave it there for today!



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