Saturday, 16 January 2010

Tara Smith is A Go!

So I've made my decision and I'm giving the Tara Smith (celebrity hairdresser of the year 2009) range of haircare the go ahead, such big and important decisions I make, I know :0P

I wasn't going to buy anymore shampoo, conditioners or anything else until I have got my collection down by half.  I should insert a picture here to give you an idea of what Im talking about, but if I did I think I would have people trying to get me committed, seriously, if you looked in my cupboard you would think I have problems..

I know I have about 6 bottles of Herbal Essences Shampoo, and about 6 conditioners to go with.  In my defense I purchased these when I spotted them in Lidl of all places, I went mad and got a basket full because I know they were discontinued and at the time that shampoo was a miracle worker for me.  I bought it after my (then) hairdresser commented on the condition of my hair, she couldnt believe I had just shampooed it.. L'Oreal Elvive was doing me no favours and my hair was lank and greasy all the time.

I have 3 Toni and Guy coloured shampoos in red, because I went through a red phase, in brown, and also in black..  I hate the formulation of these if Im honest, so they just sit there as I feel its a waste to throw them away, yet I hate using them!
I have the odd Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner, infact I recently bought 2 new Timotei Highlights shampoo in the hope it might lighten my hair without me having to use a harsh dye.. its just sitting in my cupboard.
Then theres a whole bunch of hair styling products in there too.

In the shower cubicle theres a shampoo and conditioner from: John Freida - Frizz Ease, John Frieda Brilliant Brunette, Herbal Essences and also Tresseme 24 hr body, also inside there is a Tresseme intensive conditioner..  They pretty much are in there for whatever my hair needs in that moment.  Oh, and I also have an Aussie Haircare shampoo and conditioner for dry hair, inc the 3 minute miracle, sitting outside the cupboard (as a reminder to get the last of it used up!)

So I probably do have problems!

But I read about who's tried what, what great results they get and then I instantly want to try it myself.. so I buy new products and either hate them, or just have something else that works better, so they sit there for ages.  I'm actually quite ashamed at the amount of products I have in my cupboard  to be honest, it can actually get me down at times!!

But... (Oh dear) I really want to try the Tara Smith range.  I came to my decision after seeing my hair this morning.
I normally shower in the evening, put a some leave in conditioner on, a little volumising spray or mousse, then I put 2 velco rollers in at the top of my hair for lift, them make a bun with the remainder, I sometimes even do this in the dark as Im so used to doing it, so in actual fact I rarely see my hair as it should be/in its natural state!
But today I had a shower, used the Herbal Essenses shampoo and some of the Nice & Easy intense conditioner that I had left, I let it dry off naturally and then went to style the roots to get a bit of lift.. but I just caught sight of the mid-lengths to ends of my hair and was quite shocked.  Now I am guilty of not drinking enough water, so my hair looks a bit parched as it is, obviously the 15 years of home dye hasn't helped matters(!), but Im curious as to whether the shampoo and conditioner (the H.E ones mainly, although the 24Hr body might not be conditioning enough for my colour-treated/dry hair, not on a daily basis anyway) is drying my hair out.  I wondered this a while ago but just ended up chopping of a good 3 inches off 2 months ago and I then forgot about it (so the ends probably need a trim too now I think about it!).. but with no dye being done, no heat used on my hair (bar once), my hair shouldn't be in such a state.

In Tara Smiths range there are no nasty ingredients like parabens, sodium laureth sulphates, artificial colours or fragrances or any of the other nasty stuff.

They're currently on sale in Tescos, Amazon and Asda.. and probably other places too but those are the places I've spotted them at.  The price is around £2.25-£5 a bottle so a great price considering.

Im going for Feed the Root shampoo and conditioner £2.25 for 100ml each, and Basecoat Serum £4.99 50ml.

(pictures taken from Tara

So I will give it a go once it arrives, and hope that my hair will appreciate the organic goodness and won't look quite so dry!  As always I will update later on :)es


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