Friday, 22 January 2010

Witch hazel update.

So I posted a few days ago about how fantasic the witch hazel was at keeping my skin shine free for much longer and that in turn my foundation was looking fresher for longer..

However, now I have quite a few big spots on my face - not good!

When I got that big red spot on my cheek the other day I stopped the applications of castor oil on my lashes incase that was somehow the cause, I changed my pillowcases and sheets incase some of the oil etc was on there and touching my face at night, I stayed true to the L'oreal True Match Minerals and kept everything else as it was too.. The only small change was that I was applying my clean and clear moisturiser each night instead of 2-3 times a week as my skin was getting a little dry.  Normally though I don't have any problems with the Clean & Clear moisturiser.

The angry spots I have are on my cheeks, jawline and some smaller ones on my forehead.

So my conclusion is that the culprit is that fantastic witch hazel I was raving about!!

Lesson number 1 learnt: Hold off on the excitement in future!

So in future, when I think something is fantastic I think I should give it more 
than a week before telling everyone how wonderful it is!

I would say, if you have oily skin and you're thinking about trying it - still do. It could work wonders for you, and in the video I mentioned it was certainly 
working for her and many others, what doesn't work for me might do your skin the world of good.

Will I be ditching it completely? No. Once my skin has calmed down I may well give it another go, I also think I will use it again before a special occasion as it does work at holding that oily shine 
at bay for some time.


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