Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Tweezerman zebra tweezers (and Tweezerman skincare tool)..

My order arrived from Amazon today.  I have to say, Im pretty disappointed.

I ordered the Tweezerman Zebra print tweezers in a mirrored case, and also the Tweezerman skincare tool.

I have no idea what the skincare tool is like.  I have make up on so I won't be able to use it until a later time when Im makeup free, so a review later on is inevitable!

My disappointment lays with the tweezers.

I bought them from Amazon knowing I could get them cheaper elsewhere, but as they would come in a mirrored case I went with Amazon.
I have the petite tweezers which are in a pink metal case, so I don't have to have that horrible plastic casing/packaging with me everywhere I go.  But I find that the petite pair don't seem to work as well as the Daddy ones I have!  The bright pink Daddy tweezers were about 4 years old before they needed sharpening, infact I think they were older than that, but the petite pair are less than 2 years old and already need sending away to be sharpened.  Ideally I should have sent them away 6-8 months ago when they were going blunt, but life gets in the way and you forget.. Until the time comes to use them again and you feel like throwing them out the window from sheer frustration!

I initially purchased the petite pair as a backup because my pink ones had made several disappearances!  Where are they now?  Who knows, they've done another disappearing act!  So I decided to buy a backup backup!

Anyway, back to my disappointment..  Its not with the tweezers themselves, they the usual great quality, but its this horrible black mirrored case that cheapens them immensely.  I know the zebra print wont be for everyone, but I thought they were funky and pretty, but to look at them inside the cheap, badly made case is just, well, urgh!

This is how they arrived, in a black matte box (the skincare tool below them)

This is the case, yeah, it looks ok.. until you open it up..

Urgh!  I dont know if the picture has picked up how awful the case is, but I can assure you its cheap, nasty, and really poorly made!

So I know its not a massive deal, its certainly not something I will loose sleep over!  But I'm just disappointed as I expected the quality of the case to match the tweezers, but as it is its just really naff!  the stitching is poor, it looks like its already in need of gluing (namely the material surrounding the mirror), it won't offer any protection against them being dropped, its flimsy - obviously because its just some leatherette material covering a bit of cardboard, the mirror on the top is of no use, it also is cheap, bendable and already scratched.. Need I go on!  Its my fault I know, Ive bought something I couldn't view properly, google only does so much.. But I thought the 'case' would be of use, instead its just a crappy box that doesn't really do anything worthwhile!


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