Friday, 16 April 2010

Clinique Anti-Blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup

Back when I was 19 I had a boyfriend at the time buy me a gift set from Clinique for my Birthday.  Id never had any skincare or makeup from anything other than Boots 17 or Boots No7, so having something more expensive was really special!
From then on their 3 Step skincare and their Superfit foundation were my Number 1!

My love, my holy grail foundation, was Superfit!  I LOVED it.. It was fresh looking, clean, it stayed put, the coverage was amazing and I just adored how nice it made my skin look.  I would always repurchase this and I dont think I ever tried anything else, nothing could tempt me away from Superfit!  Mostly I was the colour Neutral, over the Summer I would buy one in a darker shade, but for the majority I was Neutral! 

One day when I applied my makeup from my 3rd bottle something just wasn't right, the colour seemed off and it no longer suited me.. It actually seemed more neutral and less yellow based.. I now had tide lines, my face didnt even match any other part of my body and it was no longer the foundation Id fallen in love with..  i tried a few other colours but nothing was as good as the original, I tried a few others from the range but still nothing grabbed me and so I moved onto a completely different brand..

Now Ive discovered the Anti-Blemish one.. 

 Im back in love!!

Using this foundation makes me remember why I fell in love with Superfit!  On initial application it is a little matte, but as I have oily skin I find that thats ok, as by lunchtime my skin can be a little shiny.
I first applied this when I was mid trial of my Simple Skincare, back then my skin was less oily but gearing towards more blemishes..  So I didnt really need to touch up because of oiliness, I also found that the foundation covered all my blemishes and flaws and I didn't need a separate concealer.
Now Im back to using my clearasil I have fewer blemishes but LOTS of oil, so I do need to touch up.. However I am skipping my Boots No7 Matte Base (simply because my skin has had allsorts on it recently, so Im trying to limit what Im applying..), if I did apply this I wouldn't need to touch up so soon, but as it is I could probably do with using a blotting sheet around lunchtime.. again, this isn't a problem for me as I dont like a super matte finish.  I should also add that this isn't anything thats not out of the ordinary for me.  I usually apply my foundation around 8am and with most of them I find my skin is super super oily by 10.30am, which obviously just gets progressively worse as the day wears on, however with this Anti-Blemish foundation my skin does appear a little oily, but Im not left with it looking like its sitting on top of a layer of oil, theres no tiny little dots where its settled into my pores, and theres no patches where my oils have made the foundation look as if its separated from my skin!  
If you do have really oily skin like me you could use a translucent powder to set your make up, I wouldn't normally do this unless Im going somewhere special though, simply because Im not a fan of setting powder in the daytime.

Clinique say this (taken from their website.. I hope they dont mind!)New Anti-Blemish Solutions Makeup. Lightweight, oil-free, long-wearing foundation that blends gently and evenly into skin to conceal and treat current blemishes, while preventing future ones. Controls oil and balances skin's surface to maintain overall skin health. Unclogs and minimizes the appearance of pores, neutralizes skin redness. Contains skin-soothing ingredients that feel cooling upon application. 

On Boots' website there are 11 five star reviews.  On Cliniques website the rating has actually gone down since I last looked, I am quite suprised about this.  
Some people have complained of it being too drying or caking around spots, I have to say that I havent found this at all.
Another reviewer said it oxidises and I probably would agree with this, I cant say thats anything unusual for me though.. Maybelline Mineral foundation does the same with me, as does MAC Stuidiofix Fluid, and plenty of others do too.
Another also said they struggle with a colour match.. I probably would agree with that based on past experience, I however havent been to a counter for a colour match with this particular foundation, I just did some research online and went for 02 Fresh Ivory, and when I dont have a tan (thanks to my Flash Bronzer!) this colour is OK, I would like the next colour up from this though, just to either mix with 02 or use alone when Im darker.

I certainly find that it doesn't cause me blemishes, which is a massive plus as most foundations tend to break me out (Studiofix being the No1 culprit!).. As for treating them I do feel that my skin looks a little better in the evening.  But I'm also using clearasil at the moment, so its obviously difficult to tell which spot fighting product is doing what!

For reference Im NC20 in Mac, sometimes NC25 mixed in when Im tanned.

It is for dry, combination and oily skintypes.

I purchased mine from Boots for £20 (30ml) and I would highly recommend it, esp if you have blemish prone skin like mine!

(Picture taken from Clinique)


Jo said...

Fantastic review hunny. I've had my eye on this for a few weeks now, think I might pick it up.


Nikki said...

Thanks :)
I think its a really nice foundation.. I'd love to know what you think if you do decide to try it.
I would say build up slowly though, too much in one go and it kinda rubs off (hard to describe!), it doesn't affect the appearance, its just a waste of product :)


beautyglam said...

Thanks for this review. It help me very much !

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