Wednesday, 21 April 2010

My Birthday and Jess

Another non beauty related post.. Feel free to skip if you're not interested :)

So yesterday was my Birthday (Im officially in my 30's now.. Yes, I do feel a little old, but Im sure it will sink in soon!).. It was a pretty quiet day tbh, but thats what I like.  I prefer to chill out than be out doing fancy stuff, or worse still, have a surprise party or something!

My Mr kindly took the day off to be with me and he gave me a break from doing the school run and took our son to school for me.. We lazed away the morning until about 10.30am, then he asked me if I wanted to see Jess.  I wasn't so sure, I wanted her to be a bit of a surprise, but in the end I couldnt resist, so off we went to see Jess in Derbyshire (about an hour away from us).

I can't believe how adorable she is!  There was another Lab there, a 6 month old girl and she was mental, which gives me an idea of where we'll be in 5 months time!!

Jess, falling asleep on me!

Jess, having a nap!
Jess is the little chunk at the very top (at '11 O'clock'!)...sorry about the poop on the carpet!
Morris, the golden one, likes to sleep on his brothers and sisters!
'Faith' the Great Dane!  She was HUGE!  On her back legs she's taller than my 6 foot Mr!
We got to meet her for half an hour.  On first impressions some people probably wouldn't trust her around other puppies, but she was just adorable, so gentle and she kept going around checking on each one!  At some points she was having her ears and cheeks nibbled on and she didn't bat an eyelid! :)
Faith (who like me struggles to gain weight!), getting nibbled on by Ribbon, another chocolate Labrador!

I can honestly see why people take dogs around hospitals and why they say they lower your blood pressure etc! A few hours spent with Jess chilled me out no end.. within 20 mins of leaving her I felt all stressed out again!  She made my day!  Only 3 weeks and 3 days to go!!
We can go back whenever we want to see her, the more contact the better.. While Id love to be there every day its just a little bit expensive with the cost of diesel.. (Thanks Mr Gordon Brown, its now £1.22 here!), but we will try as often as possible.
In a couple of weeks we will need to go back with a worn T shirt because the breeder will start spending some time with her each day introducing my scent to her.. I cant wait!

By the time we got back it was around 2.15pm, so just enough time to eat before picking our son up from school.. When they both got back my lil man was feeling under the weather so we just chilled out together!  I got looked after though, I barely had to lift a finger all day and in the evening I got a nice massage - yay for Birthdays! lol

I hope you all had a lovely day too :)


Jo said...

Really enjoyed reading that hunny :)

Jess is adorable, so excited for you that shes soon going to be part of your little family.

Im dreding the big 30, only a year to go for me :( I really think I am just going to stay indoors all day and not acknowledge the fact that Im 30 ha! I still feel 18 inside.



SummerBabe said...


I`m a new follower, I am happy to find your blog, I really like it!
You will have so much fun with the puppy, I have 2 dogs and love them like crazy, they are my little sunshines ;)

feel free to check my blog and enter my giveaway:

Nikki said...

@ Jo thanks again for mentioning me on your blog, its so kind of you! :)
30.. Hmmm.. I did have a few moments of 'Well thats it then, my 20's are over!' All in all though nothing changes though does it, age is just a number and all that.. (So I keep telling myself anyway!! lol).
You should have a big party.. Loads of presents, wine and laughs would soften the blow! ;0)

@Summerbabe I know what you mean about them being little sunshines, just having little Jess snuggle in my arms was really calming, then when she was awake and chewing on me it made me smile too!

Louisa said...

Aww! Your dog looks adorable.
Your going to have so much fun! Its going to be like having another baby! XD

liloo said...

I have just heard from you through jo from beautilicious love so I thought you must be a nice person too and i've pressed your yellow button and subbed. (oops that's not youtube isn't it haha)
hello from a new follower on blogger

magpie said...

Aw! I've never read your blog before (this is a first!!) but I really liked reading this post. Your writing is so easy to follow and reading your description about Jess relaxed me! hehehe.

Happy Birthday!! Remember. Age is just a number and it's all relative :)


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