Thursday, 15 April 2010

I heart George..

I've got to confess I LOVE George!  No not Boy George, or George Bush, or George Michael.. Although Im quite fond of George Michaels music..  Im talking about Asda's range of clothing..  

I think its usually really good quality for the money.. Ive bought the odd item and thought it wasn't worth the money, but which shop doesn't overprice items at times.. and what I think is overpriced, someone else might think is fine!

Most of the things I own have come from George!   I also find some of their items are comparable to clothes you might find at ASOS, New Look or even Topshop.  Now Im not saying they're as high fashion as Topshop, far from it, theres plenty of things in Asda that your Mum would wear (and even your Nan!).. but theres odd pieces that pop up from time to time that are identical to ones sold in other stores, only at half the price!

They have a few nice things in at the moment and my favorite items so far this month are these:

Obviously they will need styling up a bit, a few accessories here and there.. Oh, and ignore the dodgy white leggings that the model is wearing with that stripe smock dress, I wouldn't recommend that look.. unless you like it like that of course!!

Have a peek if any of these take your fancy!


EmmaDee said...

haha i love George too! Ive bought some wonderful cardigans from there that look like theyre from a normal high street clothes store...not a supermarket ;)


Rachel said...

Oh my goodness, I SO need that first dress... I'd been doing so well, I've not ordered anything from them this month (which is vair unusual ;)) Love love George! xx

Nikki said...

Rachel I have it and its lovely! :) Im also liking the stripe vest with roses on (£6 I think it is)

Thanks for your comments girls. Yay for George! lol

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