Monday, 26 April 2010

Tara Smith shampoo and conditioner, my conclusion

Back in January I purchased a shampoo and conditioner from the Tara Smith range (you can check out that post here )

I realised I didnt update!  So here it is:

When I first washed my hair with these I wasn't bowled over, infact I felt Id made a mistake and I thought myself lucky Id only bought the small sizes!  I used it once or twice and disliked it enough to revert back to Herbal Essences as soon as possible!
For about a week it sat on the side of my shower just looking at me, so I figured I should give it a second chance!

I stuck with it this time and I actually found it to grow on me!

When I first used it I felt it wasn't conditioning enough, my hair felt tangled after and it didn't feel particularly well conditioned..  The next time I used it I tried a different approach and ended up using more of each product, especially the conditioner.  With the shampoo it was nothing like Id been used to, it was a runny liquid as apposed to the gel consistency you normally get, so shampooing with it took a bit more care.. I took my time as it didn't foam as well as my usual shampoo and I also found that I had to be careful with it in my palm so not to let it run away down the plug hole!  I also felt it needed more working due to the lack of foam (which we know really isn't necessary anyway, although it feels pretty nice!).. but with that also comes more massaging, which is a treat for your scalp anyway I guess!

The conditioner wasn't that rich, and in all honesty my dry hair could have used a deep treatment, or just something richer in general.. So I did find myself applying more than usual.

I felt with more effort they worked better, but not well enough to convince me to stick with the brand.  Im not against more effort, I just felt the results didn't live up to expectations!   If I'm going to work for it I want something in return!

On the whole I felt my hair was in ok condition at the end of my trial, perhaps slightly better than using shampoo with more chemicals for instance.. But I still ended up reverting back to other shampoos, if just to feel that silicone-coated smoothness!
I feel the major downside to both the shampoo and conditioner was that it just wasn't conditioning enough, I felt I always had to follow with the serum and yet even with that I still had tangled hair.  I also found that my hair would tangle easy at the back throughout the day (this occurred mainly near the nape of my neck through to the ends, probably from rubbing on collars etc)..

If you want to give it a go I wouldn't actually advise not to, unless you have hair similar to mine, then you might want to look at a more conditioning range.  I do really like the ingredients inside Tara Smiths range, the fact they're very natural, but they just weren't for me..

..and of course, ever since I started using Phyto Im in love!


keratin shampoo said...

So which of these was your favorite?

And I hate to ask,
but what's your favorite shampoo and conditioner? Or at least a few of your favorites? I know it's always hard to choose, but I'd love to hear!

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