Monday, 26 April 2010

Foundation issues!!

Dear oh dear..

I will hide my shame for a while, long enough to give you a quick overview of the foundations I own and what I think about them!

From left to right:
Rimmel Lasting Finish - 200 Soft beige (Summer shade)
Rimmel Stay Matte - 100 Ivory (Winter shade)
Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse - Nude (I also have Ivory for Winter)
Maybelline Pure Mineral Foundation - Nude (ditto above!)
Maybelline Pure Mineral Powder foundation - Nude ( ditto above!)
Barbara Daly Oil-free Foundation - Almond
L'Oreal True Match Minerals (Powder) - W3 (I have W1 for Winter, and W5 for Summer, although W4 would be better (I mix it with W3 instead))
L'Oreal True Match Mineral Liquid - W1 (I have W4 for Summer)
Estee Lauder Double-Wear light - Intensity 2
Clinque Anti-blemish Solutions Liquid Makeup - Ivory
Clinique Superfit Foundation - 05 Neutral
Revlon Colorstay (for Oily/comb skin) - 180 Sand Beige
Revlon Colorstay Mineral Foundation - 040 Light Medium

Wow.. Thats a hell of a lot of foundation there in that picture!!  Thats not to mention the other shades for Summer that I have in my drawer.. Then theres the ones I bought that were too pinky and got given away, or the Revlon Beyond Natural that Ive not yet opened (hence it not being in the photo as Ive no idea what its like yet) or the others that I just disliked and gave away!
I was going to put the prices in the list, but Im not brave enough to do that today!  Seeing it all totted up, what Ive spent over the last year or so.. Nah, I don't think so!!

So to give a quick overview..

For me, the Rimmel Lasting Finish is ok, its pretty good.  Rimmel claim it lasts 16 hours and is transfer resistant, it doesn't do either on me, but keep in mind how oily my skin is, on others with a combination skin maybe it would last closer to the 16 hours, but for me, nope.. with a setting powder perhaps it would last longer, as with all of them, but I dislike this look unless its a night out!  The coverage is medium I feel, it doesnt feel heavy or cakey and its quite matte.  Colour wise I feel Rimmel are good, theyre not too neutral and the shades Ive had so far are yellow toned enough to be a good match.

The Rimmel Stay Matte, again, a lovely foundation and I think I prefer this to the Lasting Finish, I find the overall look of it is a prettier one, perhaps a little lighter.  I do want  to give it another go now, but I will have to purchase the right shade, a darker one.  Rimmel claim this lasts 12 hours, I feel it does last a little longer, or at least keep my shine at bay for a little longer than the other.  This is enriched with Chamomile, cucumber and cotton.  Its talc free, oil free, paraben free and fragrance free.

The Maybelline Mineral Powder's, I have 3 of them and all 3 (with the exception of 1 perhaps, but only just) seem to pinky or too neutral for me.  Again, with Mineral Powder foundation they barely last 2 hours without my shine showing through!  I was a fan of this for a long time, but since I discovered the L'Oreal True Match mineral these have hardly been touched!  The L.T.M also made me realise that the Maybelline one could be a better colour match for me.

The Maybelline Pure Mineral liquid is nice, the colour match ('nude') is much much better, not as pinky and gives me a really nice glow on application.  Its not matte yet its not too dewy either.  Again, the staying power of this on me isn't great at all, I get about 3 hours before Im shiny..  If it lasted longer/kept shine at bay I would love this foundation!

The Barbara Daly.. I cant really comment on this properly, as I remember it Ive only used it 3 or 4 times so I cant give a better opinion.  If I remember rightly I found this a little hard to blend, the staying power was good, but there was something else about it that I wasn't overly keen on.. Time to try it again I think!

Both the L'Oreal True Match liquid and powder I really really like, again, I would love them if they lasted longer!  The colour match on me is one of the best!  I find them both give me a really nice look on my skin, a little glowy, not too matte and yet not really shiny either, having said that, if you get a little heavy handed with the powder one it can go shimmery on the skin.  My biggest problem with these again, is staying power!  I apply it in the morning and by dinnertime, they can slip or look like they're just sitting on top of a layer of oil.. which I know is what theyre actually doing, but I don't want that to be visible to everyone else too!

Estee Lauder Double-wear Light.. Ive come to the conclusion that my skin doesn't like this one!  I wore it for the first time and I noticed that evening I had lots of tiny little yellow spots (Sorry, gross I know)..  I wore it again a few days later and I didn't notice anything terrible, yet the next few times I wore it I noticed more of those little spots again!   The finish on this is really nice, its a natural, almost sheer looking light-medium buildable coverage that blends well and allows your skin to breathe, it would be good for Summertime.. Having said that I don't think it builds that much, so if you want something with a fuller coverage look to the original Double-wear.  I think this one, due to its spot factor, will soon find its way on Ebay.. again, without the spots it would have been a very nice foundation!

The Clinique Anti-blemish.. Well I have a review on that, so you can check out the link to previous posts on the right of this page, or I will probably link it in here somewhere later..

Clinique Superfit.. This was the first foundation I ever truely fell in love with, but Im 99% convinced that somewhere along the lines they started fiddling around with the shades, hence it being rare I ever find one that matches, usually theyre just too pink toned.  So, this is just sitting there, any by rights, should perhaps be in the bin (its probably WAY past its shelf life!)

Revlon Colorstay, Ive never understood the hype around these!  I hate them, yet I know so many swear by them!  The liquid is so hard to blend, the colours are always too neutral/pink based and never look right on me, I also find the coverage too heavy and mask like.. Again, these probably should be on Ebay!

The Revlon Mineral Powder.. again, too pinky, too chalky and just doesn't look nice on the skin.  A big thumbs down from me on this one!  Oh, and dont even get me started on the packaging.. that weeny, tiny brush thats probably only good for a Borrower or some other teeny person!  Urgh!

I also owned the MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC20.   I loved the look of this on my skin, it was really nice, it lasted well on my oil skin and gave me a nice soft dewy appearance, the colour match was great too.  The downside to this, as with many people, is the fact it broke me out, had it not done that I think it would have been my HG foundation, I loved it otherwise!  Another bad point for me was that it could easily verge in Mask-like territory, so applying a little at a time was key!


lucie.lovely.cupcake said...

Argh I have 6 bottles on the go at the moment, why do we need so much! xx

Louisa said...

I've never got the hype surrounding the colorstay either, its just rubbish. It does last really well on your skin, it just makes me look like I've trowled on the foundation. Not a good look.

Ms. Wedgie said...

I've been considering whether I should try the Colorstay...might give that one a miss now! Thank you for saving me some money there! :)

I'm doing quite well with foundation at the mo. Had a mass clear out recently and got rid of all the old/unused/revolting stuff - I am now down to 3 bottles! That number will no doubt creep back up over the next few months though! LOL

Jo said...

Argh you hate Colourstay haha. I love it! The trick I found to working with it, is basically you just have to be fast and I mean RAPID lol. A foundation brush and Colourstay = a no no, its fingers all the way and basically rub and blend like theres no tomorrow. Its my favourite foundation for a full on flawless look, when my skins acting up and is not too good.

You really have to tr Bopurjoise Healthy Mix aswell, god I love that stuff. Always get compliments when I wear that. Its not as heavy as Colourstay, more of a light coverage I'd say. I do find it goes hiny on my nose after say 6 hours or so though, but Ive learnt to live with that as I love the finish of it.

Fantastic post sweetie!!!!


Jo said...

Oh god... ignore all my typo's in my last post, I have Harvey sat on my knee!


Nikki said...

@ lucie.lovely.cupcake 6 bottles.. Im envious, I really need to reduce the amount I own!

@ Louisa, I love it because it does stay, it really does last even on my skin.. But the look of it on me, it just doesnt work out :(

@ Ms Wedgie (love the name! lol) Im glad I saved you some pennies.. I bought 3 bottles trying to get it right, one ended up on Ebay, the other 2 I still have!

@ Jo.. I know, thats the thing, it works so well on lots of girls but on me its just wrong. I didnt even attempt to use a brush, but even when I go at lightening speed I still struggle. If the colours were more yellow toned it might be a yay, but theyre too pinky/neutral for me and I think thats perhaps one of its biggest downsides.
Np with the typos.. I didnt even notice any anyway! I have no excuse for my typos - no one sitting on my lap! lol


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