Tuesday, 13 April 2010

How naughty of me..

I've not made a post in absolutely aaaaaaaaagggges, which is incredibly naughty of me.  I hope Im forgiven!

Life has just gotten in the way.. my son's time off school for Easter break, his Birthday, a dog which we rescued and then had to take back (agression issues - not something I could put up with through having a 6 yr old in the house :(  )

So a bit of a beauty update, and some other stuff...!

The castor oil on my lashes, that was stopped.
In the beginning it was working wonders, around the 2nd week I noticed a difference in that my lashes did appear fuller and slightly thicker.  That then tapered off to nothing, in fact they looked like they were falling out a little - not good.  So I stopped that because a) in all honesty I found it a huge chore.. mainly due to my own fault of being too lazy to wash out an old mascara tube and wand, so I ended up applying from the mahoosive bottle I had!  And b) after further reasearch I wondered if I had purchased the incorrect castor oil, I dont believe mine was the pure oil, so I ditched the trial with the intention of buying some decent, more expensive pure oil..  Then  life got in the way and with pennies dwindling I haven't yet had chance to buy it..  However, since then I've rediscovered a new product, or at least found somewhere that sells it (it seemed to have dropped off my radar for a while!).  Soooo, next month I will be purchasing a 'proper' eyelash treatment and will be sticking to it.  More to come on that!

The Nail Magic and Nail Envy trial.. Mixed views on that, again, a more detailed post to come on that front.

On to the other 'stuff'..

In one week's time I will be a national speed limit.. So my Dad keeps reminding me!  The big 3-0, scary times! lol  I have to say that I have actually struggled with it, I don't know why exactly.. I remember a few years ago my fella said to me 'You'll soon be 30!', and he said it in quizzical way, as if to say aren't you bothered.. And I thought at the time, its no big deal, who cares, its just another 2 years older, what possible difference would it make.  But oddly, it feels a big deal.. however its pretty likely that its not a big deal in any way shape or form!  I guess I've spent too much time watching Youtube videos of young girls with their fresh teenage skin, no grey hairs, no cares in the world and suddenly here I am, noticing a few wrinkles here and there, my grey's winning the battle over the brown's(!) and a few other things!  Thankfully Im coming around to the idea and its not a big deal.. Although Im sure I'll go through something similar when Im reaching my 40th too!

My (not-so) little man had his 6th Birthday recently too!  I've no idea where the time has gone!

Annie!  We took on Annie from a rescue centre, and the time she spent here was wonderful (for the short time it lasted).. If you have a pet you'll probably know what I mean, and if from time to time you've been unfortunate to suffer with depression, you'll understand even more so!
She was a lovely dog, she was training well and one day things just turned, a distraction technique (advice of trainers and Victoria Stilwell!) seemed to go a bit wrong and she ended up turning on me..  She didn't make contact and it appeared to be fear aggression, but I just couldn't take any chances with my son being in the house.  I/we felt guilty for a long time, esp as she hadn't been given much of a chance prior to us coming along.. She was taken to the dog kennels by the elderly couple that brought her as they weren't up to exercising her enough, then 3 months later a working couple took her on, but again she was left in their house while they went out to work and their kids to school, which resulted in her chewing up their possessions and snapping at someone.. We figured with some training, walks and love we could work things out, but in hindsight we were perhaps taking on too much..
Oh, and btw, the muzzle she has on in the picture is because shes a Lurcher, it was a condition of her being outside for walks - that she wear the muzzle incase of any rabbits, or other small animals crossing her path etc!

Anyway, so theres a little update, if anyone is in any way interested! lol

I promise I will post more.  I've found a foundation which I'm loving, a new hair toy which I'm also loving, and a few horrible products which I hate too!


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