Saturday, 17 April 2010

The likes, love and hates tag..

The rules are as follows:-
You have to share 12 likes, 1 love and 8 hates and tag three other blogs that you admire! 

I like waking up to a good skin day!
I like watching Greys Anatomy (Yey for the new series!)
I like looking at my skin/pores in a magnifying mirror.. the bigger the better (magnification that is!)!
I like buying a product that actually works or lives up to the hype!
I like it when my hair does what I tell it to do!
I like my jeep!
I like it when my son tells me Im the best Mummy in the world :)
I like it when I've St Moritzed!
I *hangs head in shame* like squeezing out the ingrown hairs on my legs (Sorry!!) :0?
I like it when my make up decides to stay on and not slide off 2hrs after Ive applied it!
I like it when Im having a fat day.. (I cant gain weight nor keep it on, for love nor money - trust me, its not a good thing!)
I like knowing I have my lovely fiance to cuddle up to at night :)

I LOVE my son with all my heart and soul.  He really is my little angel :)

I hate weighing myself to discover Ive lost that extra 1lb (and probably another 2lb on top!) that took me 2 weeks to gain! - My all time hate!
I hate feeling Ive disappointed someone or upset them.
I hate people with no manors.. seriously, they cost nothing :)
I hate not being able to find things.
I hate that I own so much (in the words of my fiance:) "tat".. subsequently I don't live in a show home!
I hate being ill - Im a big old hypochondriac!
I hate missed opportunities.
I hate that I buy something, think its wonderful I then buy a back-up (or three), or buy into the whole product range.. Then discover its a load of pants!

Since Ive no idea how to tag someone (do I just type it, do I click something?!?)  I tag everyone who reads my blog *waves*!

Have a lovely day everyone, enjoy the sun xx


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