Saturday, 17 April 2010


Maybe one those little puppies will be mine/ours in 4 weeks!!

Ok, so I know this is COMPLETELY not beauty related, but I love seeing peoples personal posts too, it somehow makes them more real iykwim!?  Anyway, I'm sure no one else cares but me, but what the heck, somebody somewhere might like this post! lol

Berry there, is Mum to some lovely little Labrador pups :)  One of those Chocolate pups is without a name, all the rest have been chosen and named and will be going to their new home in 4 weeks, but theres one lil chocolate one without an owner.. as yet!

My fiance has been to see her tonight, he says hes taken a photo so I might try and upload it for you later when he gets back.. (done, see below!)
I didn't want to go, well i did, but Id like some element of surprise as shes intended as a pressie for my 30th in 3 days!

So far Im really happy though, shes expensive but will be soooo worth it!

Im really excited!!  More talks about her later to make sure, but I think its a yes!!  4 looooooong weeks though, booooooo !

Jess (her new name!) with the breeder:


kirstyb said...

oh there so cute - i want one x

Rachel said...

Oh she's gorgeous! So so cute!

Have you had the mum hip scored? It gives you an idea of how likely pup is to get hip dysplasia- common in labs- it's also really important not to walk them for too long until they're a year old as otherwise you can damage their muscles an joints.. I think we were told not more than a mile, but let puppy guide you.. Sorry for the lecture there ;) xx

freckles love and laughter lines said...

Awwww! Soo cute!! :D What a wooonderful bday pressie! Jess is an awesome name [see my blog!] xxx

Nikki said...

Hi Rachel :)
Yes, Mum has been hip scored and I have to admit that whilst doing all the research about which dog would be suitable it didn't come up about not letting them bound around, jumpt down steps or jumping out of the car for example.. Im sure I would have read about it over the next 4 weeks (I obv want to learn as much as I can before she gets here), but luckily the breeder told my fiance about it, that and lots of other helpful things too. The breeders have been great so far, really helpful, conscientious, caring etc. There'll also be support afterwards and theres an offer of signing up to training classes etc. Im really happy with them tbh.
Thank you for the info too (it wasn't a lecture) :)

Thanks everyone :)

Rachel said...

Hey Nikki, that's fab that the breeder's have been so good! Not all are that great at informing people which I think is a little irresponsible really! Good luck with gorgeous new pup and enjoy! :D xx

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