Thursday, 29 April 2010

(Dumdum and the) Remington Spin Curl dryer!

Yesterday I set out with the hopes of reviewing the Remington Spincurl dryer!!  But instead Ive realised a few things.. a) I need more practice with it b) I need to get better with my phone-camera photography skills, and c) I need to remember to leave enough time to actually take pictures of the end result before rushing out on the school run.. and getting wet through in the downpour!  I ran out the door and thought Oh, it'll be fine, I'll just take some photos when I get back.. Then when I did get back it was all damp and floppy looking!   Durrrr!

I bought this dryer from Amazon for £22.99

I think one of the mistakes Im making with this dryer is taking too small a peice of hair when I run it through.  When I watched reviews a few girls said it took 10-15 minutes from start to finish. Not for me it doesn't!!  So I figured when I initially played with it that I must've been choosing too big a chunk of hair as it just seemed to take a while, and even after 20 minutes the inside of the twisted pieces of hair were still damp, so when I unraveled the twist some of the wave was lost because it wasn't fully dry.. So smaller sections should help, right?  Wrong!
Too small a piece ends up looking like dreadlocks rather than waves.. on me anyway!  I unravel the small twists and looks like rats tails towards the ends (If you remember a few posts back I mentioned Id lost a lot of hair with stress etc).. But, where the twists are thicker at the top it looks like nice waves, so bigger pieces (if your hair is fine to medium) are the way to go!!

I wash my hair, leave it in the towel while I apply my make up (say, for 10 minutes).  I then apply my Phytomist on the mid-lengths and ends.  Tresseme 24 hour body spray is applied to the roots and an orange- sized blob of 24 hour body mousse is applied throughout the mid-lengths and ends.  I then dry the roots with my head upside down to add some lift, I also dry the rest a little so its not dripping wet!

Insert pointless picture to illustrate the above:

Excuse the rogue bits I missed.. Once it looks something similar to this ^ you loosen them up/run your fingers though the bits you missed aren't noticeable!  As you can see after 25-30 minutes of drying my hair (on the medium heat, then setting with the cool shot) I end up looking like Bob Marley.. But if you see how it looks towards the top - thats the kind of thickness they should be all over, otherwise..

It looks like this!

Its too rat's tail-y!  So theres virtually nothing to loosen, so at the roots you're left with a nice wave, but at the ends theres hardly any wave at all and it doesn't look much different from the above picture.. no, not nice is it!

I'm not sure how I can cut the time down, maybe 30 minutes isn't a long time, but I'm not used to it!  I normally wash my hair in the evening and allow it to dry naturally overnight, and if I do wash it in the day I tend up rough dry it which takes no time at all.  So maybe what I need to do is dry it more before putting on the spin curl attachment!?  I could also cut down the time but putting it on the high heat, but Im not too keen on that much heat so close to my hair.

So perhaps its a good job I didn't have time to take pictures of the finished result because it was hardly a fair example of what you can actually achieve!

I promise next time I will have beachy waves to show you - Ie a picture, post the Bob Marley dreads!

Do any of you have this dryer, do you like it, did you have to play around with it before you got it right?


Nikki said...

Ohh... that doesnt look like its for me!! lol I want a nice hair dryer that will give me loads of volume... but I dont think this is for me! Thank you for reviewing this! :)

Kel said...

It's takes time to practice with this, getting the angle right.
I dry my hair on the roots before hand to give it a bit of volume. Try spraying some sea salt on before drying, and take bigger sections to avoid the thin rat tail ends perhaps?
I love my spindryer, strange looking thing but pretty cool.

X x

Nikki said...

@ Nikki, thats not the end result.. I promise once you loosen the waves its really nice and looks much more voluminous that what you initially see when its dry (ie that picture), but thicker sections definitely work best (not the small ones I did yesterday). Maybe if you put 'ZOELLA blog' into google and have a look there, Ive spotted quite a few of her posts in which she uses this, she has beautiful hair and it works really well for her.

@ Kel, from the few goes Ive had (4 now I think it is), Im positive that bigger sections are the best for the waves.. At least with a play around (when I'm not going anywhere special!) has shown me what not to do!

Thanks :)

MediterraneanX said...

Do you think it could have anything to do with the mousse you are using making it hold that shape? I usually used volumising mousses through my roots and then comb down to the ends, if I put it through the ends first it goes rat-taily aswell! I also only use a golf ball size :)

Nikki said...

@ MediterraneanX You could be right, I used a curl boosting mousse one of the times and that seemed to work better. You cant buy it anymore though and since I used it up I went for the 24hr body one.

I think a different mousse, less of it, and thicker strands it is then..!



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