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Phyto range, a review

A few months ago I saw a review on a Phyto shampoo and conditioner.  In the review there were so many positive points about the products.  A few were that they produced better looking hair, hair thats shinier, has more volume, and another was less fallout..

Thats probably one of the main issues I have!  The amount of hair that I lose is shocking.. to me anyway!  I wont go as dramatic to say 'hand fulls' of hair come out at a time, but I can get definately a good pinch of hair out after Ive washed it, after I take my hair out of the towel theres lots and lots of little hairs hanging out from the lengths, plus there'll be a good pinch of hair coming out whilst shampooing.. and thats not saying what else falls out on its own and disappears, or should I say blocks the plughole (usually after the 2nd or 3 shampoo the plug will be blocked with my hair)!

I would certainly say that my hair has suffered through me being under some stress over the last few years aswell, not to mention the damage Ive done to it through colouring (and probably internally through not drinking enough water!).  I've lost a lot of hair these last few years and my hair looks see-through towards the ends, I've basically lost alot of density and it would be nice to get that back thank you!

So I thought, less fallout?  SOLD!

The first time I browsed these products I pretty much forgot about them once I saw the prices!  £10 for a shampoo, which I guess isn't that bad on its own, but as I like to use a conditioner from the same range I figured £20 for a shampoo and conditioner was just silly.   So I stuck to my Herbal Essences and Tresemme, and anything else I needed to use up (AKA project bathroom!).

For a while I'd chop and change brands due to what I felt my hair needed.  Herbal Essences I found was a great for clarifying.  Tresemme 24hr body was good for Volume.  The Aussie ones I had were good for conditioning and making my hair feel a bit softer.  But, I just felt unhappy with a number of things, one being the amount of hair I was losing, but I also felt that if I wanted  body from the Tresemme ones I had to miss out on softness.. If I used the Aussie for a conditioning I felt I had to miss out on volume, and if I used the Herbal Essences I had to lose out on conditioning!

Like most girls, I want it all, not an either or situation!

So I looked over the Phyto review again and decided to have a better look into things.

I took myself off to the Phyto website again and to be honest, I had no idea where to start!  I looked over the products and just had no idea as my hair falls into a few categories; dry, lacking in volume, coloured/damaged and also fine and easily broken/prone to shedding.  So I decided to email them as ask them which products would be suitable, I wrote a little bit about my hair type/s, what I felt I wanted and what was the most problematic for me, clicked send and then expected a reply within a few days.  20 minutes later a reply came through!  I was surprised at this as I dont think Ive ever had a company reply within such a short space of time, so immediately I felt this was a huge positive for the brand!

The representative recommended:
Pre-Shampoo: *PhytoPolliene – used once a week only (6 drops), can be applied at night, and then rinsed out next morning with chosen shampoo
Shampoo: PhytoDensium Shampoo (2-3 times a week)
PhytoLactum (if you wash your hair more frequently)
Conditioner/Mask: *PhytoJoba Mask (2-3 times a week from mid length to the end of the hair, conditioners should not go near the scalp)
PhytoDensium Mask (once a week as a deep conditioning treatment)
Detangling: *PhytoMist Leave in detangler – this will help to restore shine to colour treated hair, but will also help with detangling and hydrating
Treatment for thinning hair: PhytoCyane Treatment (3 times a week for the first month, use on towel dried hair, applied directly to the scalp and then style as usual)
Other products you can use on a daily basis: Phyto 7 – daily hydrating cream, apply a pea size amount from midlength to the ends of the hair, this can be re-applied during the day.
Styling: If you blow-dry your hair, I would recommend using Volume Actif, this is perfect for giving lift at the roots.
The ones with a * by them, are the ones I purchased.

(Please excuse my washed out photo!)
Now I did misread the email a little (numpty!) and I purchased the Phytocyane shampoo instead of the treatments.  I emailed her re this shampoo and she replied immediately saying that she felt the shampoo may be a little too drying for my hair, hence her recommending the treatment instead, however as Id already placed my order (with Boots) I felt Id give it a go anyway.  To be honest  my hair has been fine with it and its not dried out my hair at all.
What I do is use the Phytopolleine once a week.  This stuff smells AMAZING!  I apply the 6 drops, massage it in and leave it in for 30mins and then it wash out.  I really should leave it in overnight to get the full benefit, but I am impatient!  What I noticed with this is that it fills the room with a wonderful scent, that in itself is relaxing.. Add in a willing partner who can massage it in and youre on to a winner!!  
I can't say what the results are with this as yet, I supect it will take much longer than 3 weeks to see the full benefit of it.

I use the shampoo every 2 or 3 days too.  I pour out a capful of shampoo and distribute it evenly over my scalp avoiding the ends, I give a quick massage then rinse off.  I then take another 3/4 capful and distribute it evenly again.. What I do notice though, is that by the time Ive distributed the shampoo its already began foaming by itself witout the need of massaging (I dont know why, but Im impressed by that)!  I then massage my scalp for a few minutes thenleave it there for approx 5 mins. 

What I've noticed is that my hair is shedding less and Im hoping that with prolonged use that I will shed even less - a massive plus in my books!

I use the mask as my normal conditioner due to my hair being on the dry and damaged side.  I apply a 50p sized blob (I like the word 'blob'.. Simple minds, simple pleasures..!) and apply that to the lengths and ends avoiding my roots.  This is left on for 2-5 minutes, depending how impatient I am!
What I find with this is that the scent alone is to die for, its super lush!  Its sort of citrusy, fresh, mildly fruity and really awakens your senses.. Its probably my favourite part when taking a shower!
The main thing to say about this is that I don't find it weighs down your hair like some deep conditioners, its just intensely hydrating yet light at the same time.

Overall Im really really happy I purchased them, and while it is quite an expensive brand (although not as expensive as some) I feel its worth it as I can honestly say my hair hasn't been in this good a condition for an extremely long time.  I find myself touching my hair all the time too as Im amazed at how soft it feels, its soft in a 'my hair' way, not a silcone coated one!  And while Im not going to be modelling my hair on some shampoo advert, for me the Phyto range is doing wonders, especially considering the damage thats been done over the years!  

(My fiance has also noticed how much softer my hair is too, so if even he's noticed it must be good!)

Im afraid the hair care side of project bathroom is out the window!  From now on Im sticking with Phyto because they actually work for me!

If you want to know more about what Phyto say about each product, some ingredients, the sizes and how much I paid, check the post below.. I felt it was too long to put all in one humongous post!


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